Procon International Team Organizations


Procon Group International

Joong Hee Lee(John B. Lee)

Special Advisor/Planning/Technologies


Legal advisor (Law Firm)

H. Y Hwang

Group International





 Procon  International


Hyun. O Oh

Group / Korea Material Supply & Trading


Chief of Director

Jae. H Jeon




Sung. Y Lee

Group / Accountant

 CEO Trading


Myung. S Bae


 CEO Tour/EU investment

Executive Director

Y.S Jin

 Estates, Invest & Immigration





 High Technology

Hitech Development

S.H Jang

Hitech Development Center






President (Jinmyeong Construction)

Jin. S Choi

Engineering / Construction

 CEO Jin Myung

President Civil Engineering

En. J Jeon

Achitectural and Construction Design





 CEO Yeon Mi

President (Yeonmi Stones)

Soo. H Lee

Construction, Sculpture art, Fabrication


Vice President

Dal. H Lee

Land scape, Construction





 CEO, Jeju


Jong. S Choi

Engineering / Construction


Vice President

Seong. A Lee

Engineering / Administration


Chief of Director

Jil. J Kim






 Overseas Partner

Leptos Group

P. M Leptos

Worldwide International

 Overseas relation

UK, Cyprus(EU), Middle East, China






Organization Chart