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Leptos & Procon Chairman

Leptos Group with Procon

Neapolis Town Plan

New Town Neapolis


 Mean of PROCON:

 PROCON Meaning has the most similar meaning and the sound of Chinese language

 (not aging person/) and It is a compound word combined with English words

 that can be given, and it is a combination of PRO and CON.

Neapolis new City Project

 Meaning of shape:

394 Km2 Project

Land Survey. 13.Jan 2018

Free talk with Chairman

Cooperation memorial

 A person of deep thought and superior mental power is pioneering the future

 means a person who finds diligent, accurate, and wise values on the basis of  morality and manners.

Procon Vision of Free Energy

"Now you do not need any of fuel, sun, wind, or water for power generation."




 Basic Ideology:

 As a member of human-centered society, we aim to contribute to humanity

 Respect to use it with gratitude and humility and will be provide an endless source  of energy for human survival.


 We are an open group that everyone can share with their fundamental ideas and  ideals.

Powe Plant: 10Kw Module x 100 unit = 1Mw

Free Bike

Free Motor Bike

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