Profile of Procon Group Companies  


Company Name: Procon Group International Ltd. (ҷα / / ʴ ) (The PROCON/ҷα/)meaning is "always young. No aging)"


High Technology Development, Civil Engineering, Construction (Road, Bridge, Power Plant, Planning Assist of Project, Planning, Managing Advisor. Trading




(business scope information of the our venture companies )

1. Procon Group International Ltd

Trading, Marketing. Project Development, Project Analysys, Project Planning.

Registration Number: 314-17-98283

Business Scope: International Trading, Sell and Buy, Project Arrangement, Project Developments. (Full of Korean companies combined on Feb, 2016).


2. Company Name: Procon Ghana Ltd and Bissako Ltd (Overseas)

Registration Number: 95,309 / Fls 59 v a 76

Business Scope: Trading, Project Development, Power Plant, Civil Engineering. / Tourism Project, Power Plant, Civil Engineering.


3. Jin Myung Construction Co., ltd

Registration Number: 311-8198973

Business Scope: Civil Engineering, Construction, Buiding, Housing, Civil Work.


4. Yeonmi Stons Co.,Ltd 

Registration Number: 308-81-02013

Business Scope: Construction, Fabrication, Sculpture artwork and Land scape.


5. Procon Energy Co.,Ltd

Energy system Development, Production and Trading World Wide.


6. Procon Life Co., Ltd

Life Food development.



[Our Vemture Group Business History & Feature]

  Since its establishment in year 1989 started Yeonmi Stone fabrication and construction and landscape business and continue year 2003, Procon venture Group of companies has emerged as a leader in completing complex construction projects for major infrastructure and industrial projects, which required state-of-the-art knowledge of technology and practices, representing all of the disciplines involved in project development.

Procon is an ISO 9001 Certified Construction company with global reputation. Procon undertakes major infrastructure projects and Construction assignments from concept to design and feasibility, through engineering, procurement and construction contracts, to maintenance of operations.


Procon's quality assurance systems are designed, organized, and implemented to ensure Procon's exacting standards of quality and to meet all contract specifications and designed regulations.


Procon has accumulated comprehensive technology and a great depth of experience in Construction and  Project developments. While being associated with  International Group partners of high repute,  Procon has completed projects involving Power plant construction, highways, bridges, subways, tunnels, water supply, sewage and water treatments, land reclamation, ports and harbour, office buildings, housing, shopping centres, educational, leisure and sports facilities, and hospitals.


 Making inroads into the middle east construction market in 1989, we have been playing a pioneer role as Korean Group company in overseas business market development in Saudi Arabia and in South-East Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Cambodia. Procon has also been participating in Shanghai Apartment development and investment project and has been successful in pursuing the development project in China, many of projects funding supported self International Project financing Department and local partners, The Project Financing corporation namely AL Kalogeros Ltd Cyprus and Greece with UK.


We believe the key to Procon's growth lies in our corporate philosophy, "Integrity, Trust and Harmony" and our willingness to keep a promise with our clients. This has enabled us to hold a longstanding and outstanding position in the domestic and overseas construction markets with any International project Development Area.


Taking a lesson from the past and looking forward to the 21st century and beyond, Procon will continue to pursue technological innovations and human resource development to firmly place itself at the forefront of the construction industry both in domestic and international markets.


[Scope of Business]

We Procon group companies work scope is Electronics production and Trading relation International market and Free power generation system development with Green Solar system development with supply to World Wide. And Civil Engineering, Road and Tunnel with Bridge, Power Plant (Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear) Cement Refinery, Petro Chemical Plant, Architecture, Water & Swage system, Irrigation and Dam, Railway, International Project Financing.


*Electronic Productions*



Solar Power Generator and Solar Water Heater




*International Trading*


LCD/Plasma TV

Lap Top Computers

Diesel Power Generator

International Trading





[Our Experience of Engineering and Completed Construction Projects Succeed at Worldwide countries]

we are construction by contract directly from owner and sub contract from partner groups.


*Civil work*


Procon Group had accumulated comprehensive technology and a great depth and variety of   experience in the construction of Civil Works, particularly in the following projects:


*Dam and Irrigation Projects*

Water control and irrigation works are the most important things in agricultural development. Our   accumulated   technology and experiences of the past projects will be helpful to increase earth   productivity.



Andong Dam, Korea

Youngsan River Area Development, Phase , Korea







*Road and Bridge*

Procon and Partner had contributed significantly to a number of major infrastructure projects inclusive of the highways, roads, bridges, tunnels and runways.

Allacapan-Aritao Road Rehabilitation (Bambang - Banabag, Philippines.

NH No.1 Rehabilitation, Contract No. R-300, Vietnam

West Coast Expressway, Young po bridge Korea

Completed Chilcheon Bridge, Korea





*Water Supply and Sewage Treatment*

Industrialization results in environmental disruption. To cope with pollution, we are playing an important   role in   improvement and development of decontamination system.

Sewage&Main Water Line of Royal Palace & Cabinet Complex, K.S.A

Water Supply System, Phase  Anyang City, Korea

Expansion of Water Supply System, Phase , Anyang City, Korea

Water Supply System, Phase , Anyang City, Korea





 *Subway and Underground*

Traffic congestion is one of the serious problems which growing cities are faced with. Subway is widely  recognized as efficient and pollution-free transportation available to solve the problems of surface   traffic  jam.  Procon partner has participated in the construction of Seoul Subway Line No. 8, and Pusan   Subway   Line No. 1  & 2, etc. We are proud of reputation as an expert in building subway and   underground.

Seoul Subway Line No.8, Korea

Pusan Subway Line No.2, Sector2-12, Korea

Seoul Subway Line No.8, Sector4-5, Korea

O-run tunnel Korea

*Port and Harbors*

We have made a contribution towards the economic development through the construction of   infrastructure   such as ports and Harbors, in particular. To meet the increasing demand in the field of   export and import, our   efforts have been made to enhance our technology and know-how regarding the construction of airports and sea   ports.



Yeosoo Breakwater, Korea

Receiving Jetty for Nusantara Cement Plant Indonesia







*Architectural Works*


  Since its establishment in 1985, Procon Partners Corporation as a Korean leading construction and   engineering   company has made a significant contribution towards the improvement of the "quality of   living" through its   continued research and development activities and technology innovations.






Our permanent target is to create sound and cozy living culture through its high technology and total   quality   control system. Hannam takes pride in having actively participated in the mass housing   construction and has   contributed to providing human people with a comfortable living environment   through its continuous improvement   of architectural technology.

Naval house sec#13 in,Korea

Pohang billa town,Korea

Gusung Apart, Cheoan, Korea

Pusan jin gu Apartments, town, Korea





*Office Building and Commercial Buildings*

Procon has gained good reputation in the field of high-rise and intelligent building construction through   its high   technology and total quality control system. Completing any project within its contract period,   Procon meets   the needs of the customers by its quality control activities.

Kuching North City Hall, Malaysia

Construction Center Building, Korea

Korea Water Resources Corporation,Korea

Water Unity Center , Korea





*Educational Building and Research Institutes*

Group has much interest in the contribution for future generation by building various modern   educational   facilities to meet a variety of new needs, and has also acquired various construction   experiences of very   sophisticated research institute buildings.


Geumho Technical College, Korea

Students'Hall of Yonsei University, Korea

King Saud University, K.S.A






*Sport and Recreational Facilities*

Group partner has provided a large number of sports complexes like stadiums, swimming pools and   playgrounds at abroad including high quality facilities. Construction Partners experience in sports   complex   reflects the expertise in this field.

Turf work for Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium, Korea

Al Hazm Sports Club, K.S.A.

Qatif Sports Center, K.S.A

Landscaping work for Chamsil Stadium, Korea





*Hotels, Hospital and Shopping Centres*

Relax for travellers, success for businessman. Nothing will disturb you while staying in the   accommodations   Shinsung has created. The construction of a medical facility endows the contractor   with a sense of pride in   contributing to human health.

Yonsei University Hospital, Korea

Ewha Iniversity Hospital, Korea

Jooan building Korea

Shinsung Cristel Hotel, Korea





 *Steel Structural*

Group partner has their own factory for the production of steel structures in Pyungtack, Kyungki   Province,   Korea, employs highly qualified engineers and uses the highest technical standards to   ensure the excellent   quality. partner supplies domestic and foreign clients with a considerable volume   of steel structure work that will   meet any client's specifications and requirements



Steel Structure for Cheju Cristel Building, Korea

Steel Structure for Shinsung Center Building, Korea







*Artistic Building and Landscape* (Click Here if you want see more)

We are proud of building the artistic structures which will be preserved eternally by our sons and   daughters.   You can feel our engineers' sense of beauty for the artistic buildings.

Memorial Hall of War in the National Cemetry ,Korea

Memorial Hall for "Sayookshin", Korea

Ilwon Sa JeonJu


Ilwon Sa JeonJu


 Landscape and Scuplture

 Landscape and Scuplture

 Landscape and Scuplture

 Landscape and Scuplture


*Plant Engineering & Construction*


Procon has successfully completed the construction of Nusantara Cement Plant and Cibinong Cement   Plant in   Indonesia with 2.6MPTY capacity, respectively. All the members of Shinsung are concentrating   and devoting all   their effort and energy to specialization in plant business.





*Cement Plant*

Procon leads the cement plant construction industry through the successful execution of the overseas   large   scale cement plant projects. We have established a good reputation for reliability and gained   international   recognition for expertise from various clients and consultants

Cibinong Cement Plant, Indonesia

Nusantra Cement Plant, Indonesia

Nuclear Center

Ease Seoul Power Station





 *Iron and Steel Mills*

 Procon Group is launching themselves into the construction field of iron and steel mills.
 We will make very significant contributions to the overseas steel industry as well as the Korean steel   industry.


Han Bo Cold Steel mill construction in Dang Jin, Korea. (Turn over to Hyun Dai Still later)






*Petro Chemical Plant and Power Plant*

Procon Group has remarkable experience in building electrical transmission lines, main power stations   and   multi-KV power distribution systems. In accordance with the Korean Government's Energy Source   Diversification Program, "state-of-the-art" power plants have been constructed with Procons active   participation   and many more experienced Petro Chemical with oil refinery build and engineering work.

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Ho Nam Petroleum Funace

Heat Recovery system Tanks

Piping systemof Thermal Power Plant Bo Ryong, Korea





*Nuclear Power Plants*

The specially chairman John Bright Lee was in charged 2 of nuclear power plants (1.4 Billion US$) construction at Wol Sung in Korea.






*High Technologies Development*  (Click Here if you want see more)

Free Power generation equipment development Sucessful (Click to open video clips)

Above Three of Picture linked Free energy driving Video

Continue ~ Oct. 2017 (See Video Clip)