JIN MYUNG Construction Co., Ltd (주식회사 진명건설)

About company

Date of Establish:

 25, April 2008


(Office Building)

Special Advisor

CEO President

Certificate of Company:



Address and Contacts:

 23-1, Tong Jeong 12-ro, Dongnam Gu, Cheonan-si,  Chungcheongnam-do 35915 Korea.

Business Area & License:

 Special Trade Construction, Civil Engineering, Building Maintenance, Architecture, Still Structure, Bridge, Road.  

License of Construction:

 CHUNGNAMCHEONAN08-29-05 (27, May 2008)



Bord of Directors:

 5 directors


Licensed Engineer:

 view of Licenses / 1. President Choi (Const'),  2. CEO Jeon (Civil Eng'r),

 3. B.W Jung (Architect).  4. Y.H Jeon(Architect). 5. H.W Shin(Civil & Architect)


Staff and Officer:

 12 persons


 43 skiller (included of Feild service)

Last Turnover:

  US$11,786,715.- (year 2016)

ey of Operation: 

 Special Advisor Chairman Mr. J.H Lee is a professor of a mechanical engineering and recognized as a design engineer of turbine and nuclear power plant, thermal and hydro power plants and othes mechanical engineering and manufacturing department.

(특별 고문이며 회장역인 J.H Lee는 기계 공학부문 박사이며 터빈 및 원자력 발전소, 화력 및 수력 발전소 및 기계 제조 설치 분야의 기술과 설계 엔지니어로 인정 받고 있습니다)


 CEO president Mrs. E.J Jeon have 20 years experienced administration department of machnary company operation. and she has the management ability grown that is recognized as an accountant. also she is an licensed civil engineer.

(대표이사 E.J Jeon, 20여년의 기계제조회사의 관리부에서 실무를 익혀온 경영자이며, 그는 회계사로 인정받는 관리 능력을 가지고 있습니다. 또한 토목기사입니다)


 President Mr. M.S Bae is an business leader of Internationally also he charging of the General Manager of the company. and he have high technical knowledge of the Civil constructions fields. (대표역 사장 M.S Bae는 대외담당 사장이며, 엔지니어링의 실무 경험이 많아 건설분야의 기술분야의 담당으로 활동하고 있습니다.)


 President Mr. J.S Choi has acquired national qualifications as a construction engineer. He is a professional engineer with expertise in heavy industrial projects and housing apartment with commercial building construction. He experienced large building and plant of domestic and some of Asian country and few of middle east.

(Mr. J.S Choi 대표이사는 건설 기술자로서 국가 자격을 소지자입니다. 그는 중공업 플랜트와 아파트 그리고 사무용 빌딩 건축 등 전문 기술을 가진 전문 엔지니어입니다. 국내의 프로젝트를 실행하였고 전국적 건설을 담당하고 있으며, 국내와 아시아 또는 몇 개의 아랍국가에서 공사관리 경험도 가지고 있습니다).



View Office

The office facilities view is all of section show in our own building inside. we are not large capacities company yet, But the Jin-Myung will going on step by step safery and climing to more good and strong foundation set it up to large volume company operation field.  And we all staff of Jin myung to be best service promised to all of clients. (사무실 시설보기는 우리 건물 내부의 모든 섹션 입니다. 우리는 아직 대용량 업체가 아니지만 진명은 단계적으로 강하고 안전하게 큰회사 운영체제를 지향하여 진명의 전 직원은 모든 고객들께 최고의 서비스를 약속합니다

General Manager office

Business Room

 Staff Office1

Engineer Office

Designer room

Staff Office2

Staff Office3

VIP Reception


View of our Construction Highlights

Here photographs show is our company Jin Myung's construction highlight and we have sereveral thousand construction experienced in the world. We can service do the project

arranging. planning, civil engineering, architecture, steel structure, and Jin Myung cane be able any of kind construction service to the all of client in the worldwide international. (여기의 사진들은 진명이 시공한 일부 사진들이며, 이외에도 수천건의 공사 경험이 있으며, 플랜트 기획 및 실행, 건축과 토목 설게 시공, 철골등 어떤 분야의 건설도 언재 어디l서나 서비스할 수 있는 능력을 보유하고 있습니다.)

KST Building Business Reception

Kongju Irrigation Dam Finishing

Jin Cheon Chemical Plant Steel Structure

Civil Construction Start of the Seo Cheon New Power Plant

P-School class Expanded

J Group Traning Center

Jong-Doo mechanical Development Center

Young-Dong Post Center Building


New District Center


Wolsung Newclear power plant #4

Jun Young Building

Samkwang Primary School

The other many of our construction experience view to click here! (더 많은 공사 경력을 보시려면 여기를 크릭하세요) ***공사는 전체가 아니고 부분적 참여도 있습니다**


 Foreign partner visit for the project financing photo news

(해외 파트너 방문)

Office conference meeting of Auditing

Director visit Chairman

Lunch time after meeting

Dinning with partner Brown together

Visit of the temple after meeting

Chairman visit to International Chairmand with LawFirm

Shin Han Bank Meeting

Visit to Banker  

Major no4 meeting Southen Sea place

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Procon venture Group and the people who love Jin-Myung Construction Co.,Ltd, and we all Jin-Myung staffs will do all the best to reward for your kindly allways.

(Procon 중소기업 그룹과 진명 건설을 사랑해주신 여러분께 감사 드리며, 오늘도 내일도 여러분의 성원에 보답하기 위하여 항상 열과 성의를 다하겠습니다).




 Group office: +82 (0)70-7715-7862

 Factory: +82 (0)41-555-4237. English: +82 (0)42 524-6945. Direct: +82(0)10-3124-4255

 Fax: +82 (0)41-555-4328

 e-mail: jm4327@hanmail.net

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