Universal Battery recycle charger


Product Data

DC 1 volt to 60volt battery can be charged for all


0A~600A cpacity batteries can be charged to the universal


A single power transformer (regulated DC power supply) can be charged simultaneously with 20 to 30 A battery


Charging time - Up to 50% faster than reguler chargers


Power consumption charge - more than 50% lower than reguler chargers


That the battery during charging damagges (stress), the zero

    Capacitors, fast charge is possible. however, Battery is not possible charge-play unreasonable for the charging,     if the general re-used     repeatedly (recycle life) significantly reduced the period.


Battery return to life(recycle)

    Playback Rate: life is shut down or the battery is not charging more than 70 percent of the renewable


   Regeneration efficiency: the capacity of a fraction of 100 to 70% (1000cca = 750cca) than can be charged


   Life time: Regeneration battery the first fraction of 100% new products, use time more than 75% when compared to the life time guarantee






Charging voltaahe indicator

Start switch (On/Off)

Charging voltage input terminal

Speed control

Dampering select

Charging voltage output terminal

Charging current indicator

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