Ring type self power generation electro bicycle

Self generation high power will support to driving speed, automatically quick recharging full power self system and more reduced weight system electro bicycle is non-required grid power recharging power. This is more good support to long distance and more comfortable driver.

Specially, this new technology is self generation power and full rechargeable recover to output power. And more high tech developed long life and battery weight reduced to more light and recovering power re-chargeable.

Also any of type own bicycle can acceptable install simply.

Power storage pack take to lightning some area, which can be 4 hours lighting source to area wide of 170. The electric power high speed storage is most non limited life time.

(Power Driving Speed: 25kmh, Pedal drive power additional speed: 30~40kmh, 100% water resistance, Power system: DC38v Hybrid S/C

 Driving Video View ( http://youtu.be/IZVT28clGmo )

Ring type self generation  power bicycle

Self Power Bicycle

Driving Test of power cycle

Rim tye self driving

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