Driving Test Videos



Self Driving Infinity

Self driving infinity-1   Self driving infinity-2  Self driving infinity-3  Self driving infinity-4


Power Generation Module Development

Power generation-1   Power generation-2  Power generation-3  Power generation-4


Remote control of driving

Power control by remote controller  Wireless control video


Versatile power generation rotor for bicycle or motor bike

 Versatile power generation rotor


Battery Chager and high speed chargeable electric power storage

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Full charging time five(5) minute only.

Conduction and Resistance reduced system.

30 years long life.

Non-Explosive operation temperature -40oC +80oC

Weight reduce 70% from normal battery,

Discharge and endurance is three double of normal battery.

Hybrid connected more long life.

 Re-cyclingf used battery recharger


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