Yeon Mi Stones Co., Ltd (주식회사 연미석재)

About company

Date of Establish:

 01, June 1989

CEO President

Certificate of Company:


Address and Contacts:

 1635-16, Gyebaek-ro, Bujeok-myeon, Nonsan-si,  Chungcheongnam-do 35915 Korea.

Business Area & License:

 Construction, Fabrication (Landscape, Civil work, Stones Fabrications, Water proofing, Plastering,  Sculpture or Carve)

Factory No of Registration:

 NONSAN93-기타-22 (13, Dec 1993)



Clean business company:

 The No. 22722 Ministry of Labor/Korea occupation safety & health agancy)

Vice President

License of Construction:

 CHUNGNAM94-04-04 (20, Dec 1994)

Civil Engineer



 10-1727663, 10-1729053, 10-1730642,

 Design0849347, Design0844657

Exhibition and Awards:

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Bord of Directors:

 4 directors


Licensed Engineer:

 3 persons

Staff and Officer:

  6 persons


 25 skiller (included of Feild service)

Last Turnover :

 US$35,360,145.- (2016/US$/ non paid tax Baseed)

Keyman of Business:

 CEO President  Mr. SH Lee is a renowned on Korean stone processing and sculpting or carving technician who has been registered as a sculptor and has won the number of the exhibitions at the Carving and Sculpture Exhibition at in Korea. Also On December 23, 2016, he was invited to a professor in the Korean industrial field by the Minister of Employment and Labor.

(대표 이사 SH LEE 사장은 한국 석재 가공 및 조각 또는 조형물 가공 기술자로 예술인의 명성을 얻었으며, 2016년 12월 23일 고용노동부 장관으로부터 한국 산업현장 교수로 초빙되었으며 공식 조각가 예술가로 등록되어 한국 국내의 석물조각 및 조각 전시회에서 수 십차례 수상경력이 있습니다).


 DH Lee Vice President has acquired national qualifications as a construction engineer. He is a professional engineer with expertise in heavy material transportation, sculpture installation, landscaping and stone building. We install large sculptures and landscaping projects of domestic famous places and manage stone building construction at nationwide.

(DH Lee 부사장은 건설 기술자로서 국가 자격을 취득했습니다. 그는 중량물 물자 수송, 조각물 설치, 조경 및 석물 건 축 등 전문 기술을 가진 전문 엔지니어입니다. 국내의  유명지의 대형 조각품과 조경 프로젝트를 설치하고 전국적으로 석조 건물 건설을 관리합니다).



View Factory

The production facilities have the biggest stone processing facilities in Korea and the sculpture technology is the best in Korea.

(생산시설은 국내 최대의 석재 가공시설을 보유하고 있으며 조각기술 또한 국내최고로 인정 받는 업체입니다).

Raw Material yard storage

Double Cutting Shop

 Large size cutting shop

Single Cutting Machine

Middle Size Cutting Shop

Heavy Size Cutting Shop

Drilling Shop

Sculpture or Carving Shop

Long base cutting shop

2nd Factory

Large size cutting saw blade 4MΦ

Carved Stone


View of Production and Constructions

The below the photographs show is some of the construction exprience, as well as several of sculptures, installations, landscaping and stone building works.

(아래의 사진들은 시공사례의 일부 사진들이며, 이외에도 수천건의 조각및 설치, 조경공사와 석조 건축 공사 경험이 있으며 현재도 진행중에 있습니다)





Foreign partner visit photo news

(해외 파트너 방문)


We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Procon Group and the people who love Yeon-Mi stone Co.,Ltd, and Our all Staffs will do all the best to reward for your kindly allways.

  (Procon Group과 연미석재를 사랑해주신 여러분께 감사 드리며, 오늘도 내일도 여러분의 성원에 보답하기 위하여 항상 성심을 다하겠습니다).


 Group office: +82 (0)70-7715-7862

 Factory: +82 (0)41-733-0820 Direct: +82(0)10-5436-0820 CEO Hotline: +82(0)10-5409-8820

 Fax: +82 (0)41-733-0821. e-mail:

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